About Us

Since 2012, Green Dazzle Baby has been dedicated to providing all natural and organic products to the Lubbock area and its families. It is our goal to provide an expanding and innovative line of award winning eco-friendly products that will include everything from the essentials for Cloth Diapering to Bath time, Meal time and Play time, as well as the softest organic clothing and all natural accessories for Mom, baby and toddler.

With an ever growing concern for the chemicals we surround ourselves with daily, it has become increasingly more important to go as Green as possible within the household. It is our belief these natural products and a natural life style will help to promote a healthier beginning for our children as well as a brighter future for generations to come. We look forward to continue serving right here in our community and making a difference by making these products readily available to you and your family.

We can’t wait to dazzle you when you make it in


Arlene, Javier, Zachary and Zemi Orozco