My NICU Milestones: Apersonalized Journey Through The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

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“Have you noticed that the typical baby book begins with “Welcome Home”, but fails to capture the accomplishments and important milestones a NICU baby must achieve before going home?

Are you keeping journals or notes on your phone with 
important milestones that you want to remember?

Do you need a baby book that caters to 
your baby’s unique NICU experience?

In this 
simple and personalized baby book, each small NICU victory is documented and celebrated as your baby counts down to graduation! Capture ‘firsts’, place pictures, keep a daily journal, write down questions for medical staff, track baby’s weight gain, and even look up NICU terminology.

My NICU Milestones, you will find:
  • Birth Details- Your Arrival, Family Tree, Birth Story
  • Firsts- Holding You, First Bath, Meeting Family, First Feeding, First Outfit
  • NICU Milestones- Critical Itemized Milestones, Your Medical Team, Notes from Nurses
  • Milestone Ages- Milestone Weeks with Pictures
  • Weight Gain Tracking- Conversion Chart, Spreadsheets
  • Daily Journal- Document Daily Highs, Lows, and Questions for Medical Staff
  • NICU Dictionary- Common NICU Terms Defined
If you are spending time in the NICU with your baby, looking for a sense of direction, or if you are home from the NICU, unsure of how to compile the pictures and milestones your little one has accomplished, this book is for you.

As an Occupational Therapist working with NICU families since 2013, I have recognized the need for a baby book that captures all of these moments. Working together with many NICU families through the years, ideas were compiled which led to this book. My NICU Milestones™ is dedicated to
 capturing theups, downs, and important milestones of your little fighter so that you can channel your energy and time into celebrating each of your baby’s victories.

These achievements are worth celebrating!